CHEM 481/881: Physical Chemistry I

CHEM 481/881
Prereqs: CHEM 114 and 116 with grades of at least C, or CHEM 221 with grade of at least C; MATH 208, PHYS 212 and (recommended) 222.
Credit may not be earned in both CHEM 471/871 and 481/881.
CHEM 481/881 and 482/882 with accompanying lab 484/884 form a continuous basic course in physical chemistry for students interested in chemistry as a profession. Thermodynamics and statistical mechanics and their application to the study of solids, liquids, gases, solutions, phase equilibria, and chemical equilibria.
This course is a prerequisite for: BIOC 486, CHEM 421, CHEM 482, CHEM 484, CHEM 484A, PHYS 422
Credit Hours: 4
Course Format: Lecture 3, Recitation 1
Course Delivery: Classroom


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