Fine & Performing Arts Interdisciplinary Studies

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College: Fine & Performing Arts
Degree Offered: Bachelor of Arts
Hours Required: 120
Minimum Cumulative GPA: 2.0 for graduation
Minor Available: No
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Interdisciplinary Studies

COLLEGE: Fine & Performing Arts

MAJOR: Interdisciplinary Studies

DEGREE OFFERED: Bachelor of Arts


MINIMUM CUMULATIVE GPA: 2.0 for graduation



Intended for students seeking advanced levels of scholarship, this specialized course of study leads to a bachelor of arts degree. It allows a student, with the supervision and approval of an academic adviser, to design an academic program that differs from the established majors offered by the College. The degree program must be based on a clearly defined problem area, a defined body of thought, or a specific educational goal. Courses outside the College may be used, however, all College requirements (including the ACE requirements) must be fulfilled. (See graduation and degree requirements below.)

Degree at a Glance


ACE Requirements30

Languages: Classical & Modern0-6

Select from the list of “Approved Courses” found under “College Degree Requirements.”

Library 1101

Major Area of Study51


Total Hours Required for Graduation120


Major/Department Admission

Students must be admitted as a major into one of the academic units and successfully complete one year of the home unit’s core curriculum before applying for entrance into the Interdisciplinary Studies program. A listing of the required courses is available in each academic unit’s administrative office.


Specific Major Requirements

Student must submit a memorandum of courses that includes a minimum of 54 credits in the proposed major. These courses should be anchored in one area of study, with at least 24 credits of the 54 coming from one department. The remaining 30 credits can come from an assortment of subjects to reach the intended goals of the student. A limit of 12 credits of independent study courses may be applied toward the major. Additionally, at least 30 credits of the proposal must be at the 300/400-level

Minor Requirements

A minor is allowed, but not required.


Prerequisite Requirements/Rules

  • Students are required to complete a minimum of 45 credit hours of their proposed course work at UNL after being admitted to the program.

Grade Rules

  • Maximum 6 hrs of Pass/No Pass courses

Course Level Requirement

  • Minimum 30 hrs at the 300/400 level

Extended Education, Independent Study Rules, Internship Credit Rules

  • Maximum 12 hrs of independent study courses