ECON 200: Economic Essentials and Issues

Prereqs: 12 credit hours
Letter grade only. Credit towards the degree cannot be earned in both ECON 200 and ECON 211 and/or ECON 212.
This course fulfills the economics requirement for the Minor in Business Administration for non-CBA students and cannot be applied to any other degree program. Introduction to economic reasoning and methods. Consumer choice, resources, decision making under constraints, supply, demand, markets, economic welfare analysis, measurement, prices, employment, money and interest rates. Economic policy and limitations are evaluated.
This course is a prerequisite for: FINA 300, MRKT 300, TMFD 412, TMFD 413
Credit Hours: 3
Course Format: Lecture 3
Course Delivery: Classroom
ACE Outcomes: 6, 8
Groups: General Economics and Theory


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