Arts & Sciences Actuarial Science (ASC)

Quick points
Attribute Value
College: Arts & Sciences
Degree Offered: Bachelor of Art or Bachelor of Science
Hours Required: 120
Minimum Cumulative GPA: 2.0 for graduation
Minor Available: Yes
Advisor: Susan Vagts
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Actuarial Science (ASC)

COLLEGE: Arts & Sciences

MAJOR: Actuarial Science (ASC)

DEGREE OFFERED: Bachelor of Art or Bachelor of Science


MINIMUM CUMULATIVE GPA: 2.0 for graduation


ADVISOR: Susan Vagts


Director and Associate Professor of Practice: Susan Vagts, CBA 210D

Professor: Ramsay

Associate Professor: Mashayekhi

Assistant Professors: Liu, Xu

Assistant Professor of Practice: Clemens


An actuary is a mathematically-oriented business person who will most likely be a manager or supervisor at some point in his/her career. A course of study culminating in a bachelor of science degree with a major in actuarial science is an excellent educational background for prospective actuaries. Additional information is available at

The actuarial science program is designed to prepare students for the current industry demands. Because the demands change on a regular basis, often times, the number of hours, the sequencing of courses, and the specific requirements change for this major. Students should continue to consult with the department for the appropriate selection and listing of course requirements.

All actuarial science students are encouraged to visit the actuarial science program’s website ( and an actuarial science program faculty advisor for more information about the program, including the Actuarial Science Club, sequencing of courses, scholarship opportunities, and the requirements for achieving professional actuarial designations.

See the College of Business Administration section of this bulletin for a description of the major in that college.


Specific Major Requirements

The major must include a complete calculus sequence (MATH 106/MATH 107/MATH 208, or MATH 108H/MATH 109H, or the equivalent); and the following statistics and probability sequence: STAT 380, STAT 462, STAT 463 plus 22 semester hours of actuarial science. (See actuarial science advisor for specified courses in actuarial science.)


Prerequisite Requirements/Rules

Students must complete STAT 462 before taking any 400-level actuarial science course except ACTS 440 and ACTS 441; STAT 463 may be taken concurrently with ACTS 470.

Grade Rules

Pass/No Pass Limits (related to the major)

No course may be taken Pass/No Pass.


Plan A

Requires 15 hrs of actuarial science plus prerequisite mathematics and statistics courses.

Plan B

Requires 12 hrs of actuarial science plus prerequisite mathematics and statistics courses.