Arts & Sciences History

Quick points
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College: Arts & Sciences
Degree Offered: Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science
Hours Required: 120
Minimum Cumulative GPA: 2.0 for graduation
Minor Available: Yes
Advisor: Ann Tschetter
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COLLEGE: Arts & Sciences

MAJOR: History

DEGREE OFFERED: Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science


MINIMUM CUMULATIVE GPA: 2.0 for graduation


ADVISOR: Ann Tschetter


Chair: TBD, 609 Oldfather Hall

Professors: Berger, Borstelmann, Burnett, Cahan, Coble, Gorman, Jacobs, LeSueur, Levin, Mahoney, Thomas, Winkle

Associate Professors: Ari, Coope, Curry, Der Matossian, Garza, J. Jones, P. Jones, Smith, Steinacher

Assistant Professors: Coltrain, Jagodinsky, Vazansky

Assistant Professors of Practice: Trundle, Tschetter

The Department of History offers topical and period courses of general cultural and educational value to all University students to broaden their range of historical experience and sense of perspective. The particular aim of the history program is not only to provide knowledge for students who are preparing for a career in education, but also to give instruction that will aid those with interests in law, journalism, library, and museum work; in local, state, and national public service; and in business where a knowledge of domestic and foreign affairs is particularly useful.

Honors Program. The Department of History offers a four-year program of honors work beginning with honors sections in the introductory courses for freshmen and sophomores. For upperclassmen, the Departmental Honors Program consists of directed reading courses and seminars. In the senior year, an honors student is expected to prepare an honors thesis for a bachelor of arts degree with distinction.

Graduate Work. The Department of History offers the advanced degrees of master of arts and doctor of philosophy. For details of these programs, see the Graduate Studies Bulletin.


Specific Major Requirements

The minimum requirement for a major in history is 32 credit hours. This requirement must include the following:

6 credit hours in United States or Canadian history

6 credit hours in European history (including British history)

6 credit hours in either Latin American, Asian or African history

6 credit hours in the pre-1800 period

HIST 250 The Historian’s Craft – In the sophomore year or the semester after declaring history as a major.

HIST 450 Capstone Seminar – In the senior year.

Program Assessment. In order to assist the department in evaluating the effectiveness of its programs, majors will be required:

1. Submit final papers from HIST 250 and HIST 450 electronically to their instructors or the undergraduate chair.

2. Complete a majors’ survey in both HIST 250 and HIST 450.

Results of participation in this assessment activity will in no way affect a student’s GPA or graduation.


Grade Rules

Pass/No Pass Limits

The Department of History accepts no more than 3 hours of credit taken Pass/No Pass for either a major or minor. This provision excludes HIST 398, which can only be taken Pass/No Pass.

Course Level Requirement

  • 18 credit hours at the 300 and/or 400 level.


  • 18 hours including 6 hours in courses numbered 300 and above.