Business Administration International Business

Bachelor of Science 4-Year Plan

Year 1

Semester 1 · Fall
Course Credit Hours
BSAD 111 Professional Enhancement I 1 cr
MATH 104 or MATH 106 3 cr
ENGL 150 or ENGL 151 3 cr
ACE 4 3 cr
ACE 5 3 cr
Electives 3 cr
Total Credits 16
Semester 2 · Spring
Course Credit Hours
BSAD 150 Business Computer Applications 1 cr
ACCT 201 Introductory Accounting I 3 cr
ECON 211 or ECON 212 3 cr
ACE 7 3 cr
ACE 9 3 cr
Electives 3 cr
Total Credits 16

Year 2

Semester 3 · Fall
Course Credit Hours
ACCT 202 Introductory Accounting II 3 cr
ECON 211 or ECON 212 3 cr
ECON 215 Statistics 3 cr
Electives 3 cr
BSAD 220 Business Writing 3 cr
Total Credits 15
Semester 4 · Spring
Course Credit Hours
BSAD 222 Professional Enhancement II 1 cr
SCMS 350 Business Analytics/Information Analysis 3 cr
MRKT 341 Marketing 3 cr
FINA 361 Finance 3 cr
SCMS 331 Operations and Supply Chain Management 3 cr
MNGT 301 3 cr
Total Credits 16

Year 3

Semester 5 · Fall
Course Credit Hours
BSAD 398 IBUS Major 3 cr
BSAD 491 IBUS Major 3 cr
Language 8 cr
Elective 3 cr
Total Credits 17
Semester 6 · Spring
Course Credit Hours
Functional Area 3 cr
Functional Area 3 cr
Electives 3 cr
Comm 286 or MRKT 257 3 cr
IBUS Major Course 3 cr
BSAD 333 Professional Enhancement III 1 cr
Total Credits 16
Summer Sessions
Course Credit Hours
IB Internship? 0 cr
Total Credits 0

Year 4

Semester 7 · Fall
Course Credit Hours
BSAD 444 Professional Enhancement IV 1 cr
BLAW 371 or BLAW 372 3 cr
Electives 3 cr
Functional Area 6 cr
Total Credits 13
Semester 8 · Spring
Course Credit Hours
MNGT 475/875 Business Policies and Strategies 3 cr
BSAD 98 Senior Assessment 0 cr
IBUS Major: IBUS Course Requirement 3 cr
Functional Area 3 cr
Elective 3 cr
Total Credits 12


** Education Abroad is required for this major.
The IB program contains a requirement of 8 hours of language. It is possible to include these hours in some study abroad opportunities. If this is done, it is possible to meet the knowledge requirement without registering for the hours. If this occurs, the student will have an additional 8 hours of Free Electives.

Many of these requirements may be moved from one semester to another. It is important NBR 1,3, ACCT 201 &202, ECON 211, 212, & 215 be completed by the end of the third semester.

While the major requires Education Abroad, it is not required that it be taken in the fifth semester. The courses taken during this experience are somewhat flexible. The student should consult with the advisors and the director of the program.

Year 1:
BSAD 111 should be taken the first semester and no later than the second semester.
BSAD 150 should be taken the second semester and does not count towards the 120 hours required for graduation.
Enrollment in MATH 104 or MATH 106 is based on results on the Math Placement Exam. Prerequisite enrollment in MATH 100A, 101, or 103 may be necessary to qualify.
Electives - These can be courses for a minor, major or for personal interest.
ACCT 201 - Can be taken upon completion of 14 hours of UNL credit and MATH 104 or MATH 106 with a C or better and a 2.5 GPA.
ECON 211 or ECON 212 - Can be taken upon completion of 12 credit hours. They are not sequential.
ACE 4, 5, 7, and 9 (non-business requirements) and Electives can be taken in any order.

Year 2:
Sophomore standing = completion of 27 credit hours.
Courses are interchangeable throughout year 2 as long as prerequisites are met.
A 2.5 GPA is required to enroll in ACCT 201, ACCT 202, and ECON 215. Students must maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA throughout the program.
If 1st and 2nd year required course options are completed, most Year 3 options can be taken as long as prerequisites are met.
Hours for major cannot be taken pass/no pass.

Year 3:
Junior standing = completion of 53 credit hours.
Follow the major section (BCA) of your degree audit.
Most courses are interchangeable throughout remaining time at UNL as long as prerequisites are met. courses are not offered every semester. Plan ahead.
It is strongly recommended that you incorporate required prerequisite courses for your major in the 1st semester of the third year or sooner if prerequisites are met.
All majors (except Accounting) must include an international business course in their curriculum; most must include business electives as well.
All majors must meet the requirement for 300/400 level course work outside the business core.

Year 4:
Senior standing = completion of 88 credit hours.
MNGT 475 - Prerequisites must be completed to enroll with preference given to seniors graduating the same semester as enrollment.
BSAD 98 - Senior assessment must be completed in your final semester.
A 2.5 GPA is required to apply for graduation.
Residency rule - 30 out of last 36 credit hours must be taken at UNL.


This document represents a sample 4-year plan for degree completion with this major. Actual course selection and sequence may vary and should be discussed individually with your college or department academic adviser. Advisers also can help you plan other experiences to enrich your undergraduate education such as internships, education abroad, undergraduate research, learning communities, and service learning and community-based learning.


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