Arts & Sciences Political Science

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College: Arts & Sciences
Degree Offered: Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science
Hours Required: 120
Minimum Cumulative GPA: 2.0 for graduation
Minor Available: Yes
Advisor: Paul Caldwell
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Political Science

COLLEGE: Arts & Sciences

MAJOR: Political Science

DEGREE OFFERED: Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science


MINIMUM CUMULATIVE GPA: 2.0 for graduation


ADVISOR: Paul Caldwell


Chair: Kevin Smith, 509 Oldfather Hall

Graduate Chair: Ross Miller, 541 Oldfather Hall

Undergraduate Chair: John Gruhl, 534 Oldfather Hall

Undergraduate Advisor: Tyler R. White, 514 Oldfather Hall

Professors: Combs, Gruhl, Hibbing, Michaels, Smith, Theiss-Morse

Associate Professors: Kohen, McMahon, Miller

Assistant Professors: Haas, Hillebrecht, Kang, Kim, Mitchell, Wals

Courses in political science examine government and politics in the United States and around the world.

Honors Program. Students interested in the honors program should contact John Gruhl, honors advisor, for further information.

Policy Certificate. An Undergraduate Public Policy Analysis Certificate, through political science, is available to undergraduates in any major and is for students interested in policy issues, policy-related job opportunities, and/or skills for the analysis of public policies and programs. For more information, visit

Prelaw Students. Students in Prelaw may find the courses in American government, politics, and law particularly useful. In particular, they are advised to take some of the following courses: POLS 345, POLS 347, POLS 441, POLS 442, POLS 443, and POLS 469. College pre-law advising is located in the Advising Center, 107 Oldfather Hall.

Graduate Work. The advanced degrees of master of arts and doctor of philosophy are offered. For details on these programs see the Graduate Studies Bulletin.


Specific Major Requirements

33 hours including:

a) POLS 100 (or POLS 100H) or POLS 105;

b) POLS 108 or POLS 383 or POLS 384 or POLS 386;

c) POLS 160 (or POLS 160H);

d) POLS 286;

e) POLS 400;

f) 9 hours each in any two of the four following categories: American government and public policy; international relations and comparative politics; human rights and security; and biology, psychology, and politics.


Prerequisite Requirements/Rules

For courses at the 400 level the prerequisite, unless otherwise stated, is junior standing or above or permission.

POLS 286 and a theory course are prerequisites for POLS 400

Grade Rules

Pass/No Pass Limits

Pass/No Pass credit is not available in courses for the major except for POLS 395. Pass/No Pass credit is allowed for courses in the minor, subject to College regulations. Request forms are available in the Arts and Sciences Advising Center, 107 Oldfather Hall.

Course Level Requirement

At least 9 hours must be at the 400 level.


18 hours including POLS 100 and at least one course at the 400 level.