Fine & Performing Arts Theatre-Directing & Management

Quick points
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College: Fine & Performing Arts
Degree Offered: Bachelor of Arts
Hours Required: 120
Minimum Cumulative GPA: 2.0 for graduation
Minor Available: No
Advisor: Virginia Smith
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Theatre-Directing & Management

COLLEGE: Fine & Performing Arts

MAJOR: Theatre-Directing & Management

DEGREE OFFERED: Bachelor of Arts


MINIMUM CUMULATIVE GPA: 2.0 for graduation


ADVISOR: Virginia Smith


Interim Director: Harris Smith, 215 Temple Building

Professors: Grange, O'Connor, V. Smith, Steger

Associate Professors: Borden, Endacott, Kolbe, Shoemaker, H. Smith, Stauffer, Teo-Gooding

Assistant Professors: Madsen, Veneziano

Assistant Professors of Practice: Broulik, Critel

This program provides comprehensive training and practical experience in directing, stage management and theatre management. It shares a common core with our performance program, offering fundamental training in acting, movement and voice for the first three semesters. Specialized classes follow in stage management, theatre management, and beginning and advanced directing. The culmination of the emphasis is four mentored projects in the student’s area of specialty or a combination of projects in several areas.

Degree at a Glance

ACE Requirements30

Languages: Classical and Modern0-6

Select from the list of “Approved Courses” found under “College Degree Requirements.”

Theatre Core Requirements39

Directing and Management Emphasis Requirements22


Total Hours Required for Graduation120


Students must apply for admission to the directing and management emphasis by completing an application, which includes references, a resume, and examples of creative work. The acceptance process for both new and transfer students includes an interview and analysis of the overall academic and artistic record, and determination of the potential for success throughout the course of study.


Core Requirements

BA Core Requirements39

THEA 112G Introduction to Theatre3

THEA 114 Basic Acting Techniques I3

THEA 115 Basic Acting Techniques II3

THEA 201 Technical Theatre Practice3

THEA 202 Play Direction I3

THEA 204 Stage Makeup3

THEA 223 Intermediate Acting I3

THEA 234 Scripts in Production3

THEA 253 Voice Production for the Stage3

THEA 255 Stage Movement I3

THEA 335 History of Theatre I3

THEA 336 History of Theatre II3

THEA 472 Theatre Perspectives3

Emphasis Requirements

Directing and Management Emphasis Requirements22

THEA 300 Stage Management3

THEA 301 Theatre Management3

THEA 303 Play Directing II3

THEA 491 Advanced Projects in Directing, Theatre Management &/or Stage Management4

Select three courses from:9

THEA 120 Principles of Design for Theatre & Film (3 cr)

THEA 210 Introduction to Stage Lighting (3 cr)

THEA 331 Introduction to Playwriting (3 cr)

THEA 411 Stage Lighting II (3 cr)

THEA 412 Scene Design I (3 cr)

THEA 413 Scene Design II (3 cr)

THEA 418 Costume Design I (3 cr)

THEA 419 Costume Design II (3 cr)

THEA 450 Sound Design I (3 cr)

THEA 451 Sound Design II (3 cr)

Minor Requirements

Minors are allowed, but not required, with the theatre–directing and management emphasis.


Prerequisite Requirements/Advancement in Major

  • An interview/evaluation will be scheduled with directing and management students after their third semester to determine whether they may continue in the program.
  • Students in the Theatre-Directing and Management emphasis are expected to maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA throughout their career. Transcripts will be reviewed periodically to ensure satisfactory progress. Failure to maintain a 2.5 GPA may result in dismissal from the program.

Grade Rules

C- and D Grades

Minimum grade for all major requirements is C.

Pass/No Pass Limits

All courses taken for major requirements must be for letter grade, unless the course is only offered Pass/No Pass.