Fine & Performing Arts Theatre-Film & New Media

Quick points
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College: Fine & Performing Arts
Degree Offered: Bachelor of Fine Arts
Hours Required: 120
Minimum Cumulative GPA: 3.0 for graduation
Minor Available: No
Advisor: Richard Endacott
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Theatre-Film & New Media

COLLEGE: Fine & Performing Arts

MAJOR: Theatre-Film & New Media

DEGREE OFFERED: Bachelor of Fine Arts


MINIMUM CUMULATIVE GPA: 3.0 for graduation


ADVISOR: Richard Endacott


Interim Director: Harris Smith, 215 Temple Building

Professors: Grange, O'Connor, V. Smith, Steger

Associate Professors: Borden, Endacott, Kolbe, Shoemaker, H. Smith, Stauffer, Teo-Gooding

Assistant Professors: Madsen, Veneziano

Assistant Professors of Practice: Broulik, Critel

The Film and New Media Emphasis (FNM) is for those desiring concentrated training/education in film and new media technology. Screen writing, new media design and content, visual effects, producing, and directing are all areas the film and new media student may explore. Whatever the area of interest, the goal of the film and new media program is to provide comprehensive training while requiring students to put their education into practice.

Degree at a Glance

ACE Requirements30

Theatre Core Requirements21

Film & New Media Emphasis Requirements48


Total Hours Required for Graduation120


Students must apply for admission to the BFA emphasis in Film and New Media (FNM) by completing an application, which includes references, a resume, and examples of creative work. This application applies to both new students and transfer students. Those who are applying for transfer into the program must complete the application and provide grade transcripts demonstrating a 3.0 current and cumulative GPA or higher. Students should visit the Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film website for information and application procedures.

After the application materials have been reviewed by the faculty, students will be notified of their acceptance status. Once admitted, a student must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA from that point forward and complete a portfolio review during the sophomore year. Admission to the FNM emphasis is highly competitive; the Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film reserves the right to limit the total number of FNM students accepted to the program.


Core Requirements

BFA Core Requirements21

THEA 112G Introduction to Theatre3

THEA 114 Basic Acting Techniques I3

THEA 120 Principles of Design for Theatre & Film3

THEA 201 Technical Theatre Practice3

THEA 202 Play Direction I3

THEA 234 Scripts in Production3

THEA 423 Rendering for the Theatre3

Emphasis Requirements

Film and New Media Emphasis Requirements48

THEA 479 Capstone Project in Film or New Media3

THEA 480 Technological Innovations in Film Production3

THEA 481 Screenwriting: The Short Script3

THEA 482 Film Production I3

THEA 488 Digital Portfolio3

THEA 489 Film Production II3

Select two courses from the following design/tech electives:6

THEA 210 Introduction to Stage Lighting (3 cr)

THEA 412 Scene Design I (3 cr)

THEA 415 Production Design for Film & Television (3 cr)

THEA 418 Costume Design I (3 cr)

THEA 450 Sound Design I (3 cr)

Select eight courses from the following FNM electives:24

(No more than 9 credits of English courses may be taken from the list.)

(No more than 6 credits may be taken from THEA 411, THEA 413, THEA 414, THEA 419, or THEA 451.)

THEA 331 Introduction to Playwriting (3 cr)

THEA 411 Stage Lighting II (3 cr)

THEA 413 Scene Design II (3 cr)

THEA 414 Stage Lighting III (3 cr)

THEA 416 CAD for Theatre (3 cr)

THEA 419 Costume Design II (3 cr)

THEA 426 Lighting for Film (3 cr)

THEA 438 Film: Directing (3 cr)

THEA 451 Sound Design II (3 cr)

THEA 454 Sound for Film (3 cr)

THEA 473 Digital Visual Effects (3 cr)

THEA 474 Digital Animation (3 cr)

THEA 484 Advanced Projects in Film Production &/or New Media (3 cr)

THEA 485 Post Production for Film & New Media (3 cr)

THEA 486 Film: Producing (3 cr)

THEA 487 Digital Motion Graphics (3 cr)

THEA 494 Internship in Theatre or Film (3 cr)

ENGL 213E Introduction to Film History (3 cr)

ENGL 219 Film Genre (3 cr)

ENGL 239 Film Directors (3 cr)

ENGL 269 Film Period (3 cr)

ENGL 349 National Cinemas (3 cr)

ENGL 373 Film Theory & Criticism (3 cr)

ENGL 439/839 Film Directors (3 cr)

ENGL 459/859 Writing for Film (3 cr)


Prerequisite Requirements/Advancement in Major

Students in the Theatre–Film and New Media emphasis are expected to maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA throughout their career. Transcripts will be reviewed periodically to ensure satisfactory progress. Failure to maintain a 3.0 GPA may result in dismissal from the program.

Grade Rules

C- and D Grades

Minimum grade for all major requirements is C.

Pass/No Pass Limits

All courses taken for major requirements must be for letter grade, unless the course is only offered Pass/No Pass.