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Prereqs: CEHS Advantage Learning Community student.
CEHS 10 is designed for first semester freshman who are participating in the College of Education and Human Sciences learning community known as CEHS Advantage. Pass/No Pass only.
Leadership, problem solving, communication and teamwork. Use creativity by doing a service learning project and explore career possibilities.
Credit Hours: 0
Course Format: Lecture
Course Delivery: Classroom
Roles played by family, schools, and community in developing individuals and the interface among these entities. Develop skills in using personal strengths to help others.
Credit Hours: 3
Course Delivery: Classroom
CEHS 265 offers the opportunity to gain a basic understanding of international perspectives by studying cultures of origin and interacting with speakers representing alternative perspectives. Through dialogue with guest speakers, readings, in-class experiences and discussion, participants will understand the potency of an international perspective and its potential impact on their work.
Credit Hours: 3
Course Format: Lecture 3
Course Delivery: Classroom
Lecture and discussion will be required as part of the field experience.Field hours will be assigned at the rate of two hours per week per student credit hour.
Instructor-guided experiences of a culture in another nation in order to critically examine individual and cross-cultural differences in values, lifestyles, education, history and culture of international families, schools, and communities.
Credit Hours: 1-6
Max credits per semester: 3
Max credits per degree: 6
Course Format: Field 2
Course Delivery: Classroom


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