MATH 380: Statistics and Applications

MATH 380
Statistics and Applications Crosslisted as STAT 380
Prereqs: A grade of P, C, or higher in MATH 107 or MATH 107H.
Credit toward the degree can not be earned in STAT 218 if taken after or taken in parallel with STAT/MATH 380.
Probability calculus; random variables, their probability distributions and expected values; t, F and chi-square sampling distributions; estimation; testing of hypothesis; and regression analysis with applications.
This course is a prerequisite for: ECEN 435, ENGR 806, MATH 435, MATH 489, MSYM 433, STAT 414, STAT 450
Credit Hours: 3
Course Format: Lecture 3
Course Delivery: Classroom
ACE Outcomes: 3
Groups: Advanced Mathematics Courses