CRPL 471/871: Environmental Impact Assessment

This class provides an overview of “environmental impact assessment” in the United States. This course explores how to conduct environmental impact assessments, environmental impact analysis, review of environmental impact statements, and use of various regulatory review processes. It emphasizes the significant environmental legislation - National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). NEPA applies to all federal agencies and most of the projects and decisions. This class introduces the background and implementation of the NEPA, and explains the preparation of environmental impact statements (EISs). This class covers the major themes of environmental impacts assessment, including air pollution, water quality, land resources, cultural resources, archaeology, traffic, noise, transportation, and so on. This interdisciplinary class fits students in all departments, including Natural Resources Management, Environmental Studies, Civil Engineering, Wildlife and Fisheries, Planning, Landscape Architecture, Architecture, Public Policy, and others.
Credit Hours: 3
Course Format: Lecture 3
Course Delivery: Classroom


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