CSCE 230: Computer Organization

Prereqs: A grade of 'P' or 'C' or better in CSCE 155A, CSCE 155E, CSCE 155H, CSCE 155N, or CSCE 155T or equivalent knowledge of a high-level programming language.
Laboratories supplement the lecture material and give an opportunity to practice concepts.
Introduction to organization and structure of computer systems. Boolean logic, digital arithmetic, processor organization, machine language programming, input/output, memory organization, system support software, communication, and ethics.
This course is a prerequisite for: CSCE 236, CSCE 322, CSCE 351, CSCE 430, CSCE 451, CSCE 462, CSCE 465, ELEC 220, ELEC 370
Credit Hours: 4
Course Format: Lab 2, Lecture 3, Recitation 1
Course Delivery: Classroom


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