EDPS 989: Psychology of Reading and Writing

EDPS 989
Psychology of Reading and Writing Crosslisted as TEAC 989
Prereqs: Prior graduate coursework in literacy or cognitive psychology required.
This course combines two earlier courses, Psychology of Reading, EDPS 989 (cross listed with TEAC 989) and Seminar in Educational Psychology (Psychology of Writing, EDPS, 991)
Study of the research literature on cognitive and motivational processes involved in reading and writing. Readings and classroom discussion will focus on theories and models of reading and writing. Specific topics include the roles of component processes of literacy such as attention, perception, memory, and problem solving, as well as studies of self-regulatory and social influences on literacy development and performance. Literacy research and models are examined at all levels of reading and writing, from early acquisition through high-level reading and writing expertise, as well as with respect to changes in literacy activities tied to new technologies.
Credit Hours: 3
Course Format: Lecture 3
Course Delivery: Classroom


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