FORS 411: Overview of Forensic Comparative Analysis Lab

Prereqs: FORS 120/L or equivalent, FORS 302 or FORS 303, LIFE 120/L and LIFE 121/L or equivalent, CHEM 109 or equivalent, ENTO 115/116, STAT 218, and MATH 104 or 106 or instructor permission.
This course is offered online the first 8-week session each year.  Students will need access to a computer, six-inch metric scale marked in millimeters, a digital camera and an inexpensive Vanier caliper.
An overview of the basic forensic comparative sciences; fingerprints; questioned document and linguistics; firearms and toolmark; footwear and tire tracks; hairs, fibers, and trace evidence; pattern injuries; and biological evidence.  This is a lab course and students will be asked to do comparisons and submit them to the instructor.  Ethics, error, sufficiency, reliability, validity, and other concepts relating to forensic comparative science will be discussed in the course.
This course is a prerequisite for: FORS 400, FORS 404
Credit Hours: 3
Course Format: Lab
Course Delivery: Web


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