MATH 238/838
Prereqs: Grade of P, C, or better in MATH 106/106B or MATH 108H.
MATH 838 will not count toward a MA or MS degree in MATH or STAT. Some computation and visualizations in MATH 238/838 will be done with Matlab.
Mathematical modeling, discrete and continuous probability, parameter estimation, discrete and continuous dynamical systems, and Markov chains. Application of mathematical models in the life sciences. Methods include regression analysis, cobweb diagrams, the phase line, nullcline analysis, eigenvalue analysis, linearization, and likelihood analysis. Applications include fisheries, stage-structured populations, pharmacokinetics, epidemiology, and medical testing.
This course is a prerequisite for: CHEM 471
Credit Hours: 5
Course Format: Lecture 5
Course Delivery: Classroom
Groups: Advanced Mathematics Courses