MATH 440/840: Numerical Analysis I

MATH 440/840
Numerical Analysis I Crosslisted as CSCE 840/440
Prereqs: CSCE 155A, CSCE 155E, CSCE 155H, CSCE 155N, or CSCE 155T; Math 107.
Credit toward the degree may be earned in only one of the following: CSCE/MATH 440/840 and MECH 480/880.
Principles of numerical computing and error analysis covering numerical error, root finding, systems of equations, interpolation, numerical differentiation and integration, and differential equations. Modeling real-world engineering problems on digital computers. Effects of floating point arithmetic.
This course is a prerequisite for: CSCE 942
Credit Hours: 3
Max credits per degree: 3
Course Format: Lecture 3
Course Delivery: Classroom
Groups: Advanced Mathematics Courses


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