MNGT 301H: Honors Introduction to Management

Prereqs: Sophomore standing and 2.5 GPA; BSAD 150; ENGL 101/ENGL 101H or ENGL 150/ENGL 150H or ENGL 151/ENGL 151H; Business Qualified (MATH104 or MATH106 or MATH107/MATH107H or MATH208/MATH208H; ACCT201 or ACCT201H or RAIK181H; ACCT202 or ACCT202H or RAIK282H; ECON211 or ECON211H or RAIK282H; ECON212 or ECON212H or RAIK182H; ECON215 or ECON215H or STAT218 or equivalent). Prereq for actuarial science, Raikes School, and agribusiness majors.
Open to CBA Honors Academy students in good standing or by permission.
Nature of management - who managers are and what they do. Broad overview of best managerial practices. Framework for understanding contextual influences involved in both managing and being managed. Examines the multiple roles held by the manager: planning, organizing, controlling and leading an organization. Focus primarily on for-profit companies but also relevant to other types of organizations (non-profit and public sector).
This course is a prerequisite for: MNGT 475H
Credit Hours: 3
Course Format: Lecture 3
Course Delivery: Classroom


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