MNGT 411/811: Leading People and Projects

Prereqs: Junior Standing; MNGT 360 (departmental permission is required if MNGT 360 has not been completed).
Credit towards the degree cannot be earned in both MNGT 411 and MNGT 465/865.
Organizations are complex systems calling for a leadership processes including the leader, the follower and the context to effect change. Students should emerge with an understanding of many of the basic concepts and generalizations about leadership, which relate to human behavior and interactions in organizations.  Objectives and class activities focus on understanding how leaders function in organizations and on one’s leadership operations in the organizational setting.  Participants will utilize concepts, generalizations, theories and frames of reference to analyze organizations and leadership to understand and improve their functions.  Topics covered include: Systems Theory and Organizational theory, the change process and the leadership process, roles in changing organizations, power and politics in organizations, congruence of individual and organizational ethics, and the behavioral concerns in project management.
Credit Hours: 3
Course Format: Lecture 3
Course Delivery: Classroom


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