MUDC 248/448: Band

MUDC 248/448
Band Crosslisted as MUCO 48/248/448, MUNM 248/448
Audition or permission of director of ensemble. May require off-campus travel as approved.
A. Wind Ensemble (1 cr, max 12) B. Symphonic Band (1 cr, max 12) D. Campus Band (1 cr, max 12) E. Marching Band (1 cr, max 12) Prereq: 2.0 GPA. NOTES: Audition required. Must meet and maintain full-time enrollment status at UNL. Requires off-campus performances as approved. First round auditions must be completed by July 1.
Credit Hours: 1
Max credits per degree: 12
Course Format: Studio 3
Course Delivery: Classroom
Groups: Music Ensembles for Degree Credit (MUDC)


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