MUEN 44/844: Small Ensembles

MUEN 44/844
Requires off-campus performances as approved.
Small groups of primarily like instruments organized for supervised and scheduled rehearsals of music appropriate for the ensemble.A. String Ensemble (1 cr, max 4)E. Brass Ensemble (1 cr, max 4)I. Clarinet Choir (1 cr, max 4)J. Flute Ensemble (1 cr, max 4)L. Trombone Ensemble (1 cr, max 4)M. Horn Ensemble (1 cr, max 4)P. Percussion Ensemble (1 cr, max 4)T. Saxophone Ensemble (1 cr, max 4)U. New Music Consort (1 cr, max 4)V. Small Vocal Ensemble (1 cr, max 4)W. Tuba/Euphonium Ensemble (1 cr, max 4)Y. Pep Band (1 cr, max 4) Prereq: Must meet and maintain full-time enrollment status at UNL. May require off-campus travel.Z. Jazz Small Group (1 cr, max 12)
Credit Hours: 1
Max credits per degree: 4
Course Format: Studio
Course Delivery: Classroom


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