MUEN 45/845: Large Ensembles

MUEN 45/845
Stu. Large groups organized for supervised and scheduled rehearsals of music appropriate for the group.A. Symphony Orchestra (1 cr, max 4)B. University Singers (1 cr, max 4)E. Wind Ensemble (1 cr, max 4)K. Symphonic Band (1 cr, max 4)L. UNL Jazz Orchestra (1 cr, max 4)M. UNL Big Band (1 cr, max 4)N. All-Collegiate Choir (1 cr, max 4)P. University Chorale (1 cr, max 4)Q. Varsity Chorus (1 cr, max 4)R. Chamber Singers (1 cr, max 4)
Credit Hours: 1
Max credits per degree: 4
Course Delivery: Classroom


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