MUNM 100: College-Level Music Lessons, I

Prereqs: Permission from School of Music.
May not count toward requirements for music major or minor. No preregistration, since majors and minors must be assigned first to the available instructors. Applied music instruction fee of $80 will be charged in addition to tuition for credit hour. Grade only. Maximum of four semesters.
Music lessons for non-music majors who studied an instrument or voice through high school and wish to continue taking lessons while in college. Private or group lessons at instructor's discretion. A. Voice (1 cr, max 4) B. Keyboard (1 cr, max 4) D. Strings (1 cr, max 4) E. Brass (1 cr, max 4) G. Woodwind (1 cr, max 4) J. Percussion (1 cr, max 4)
Credit Hours: 1
Max credits per semester: 1
Max credits per degree: 4
Course Format: Studio 1
Course Delivery: Classroom
Groups: Applied Music for Non-majors (MUNM)


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