NAVS 401: Naval Leadership and Management

Instructor: Kevin R. Wesley, Commander, United States Navy; Active Duty, Naval Flight Officer (22 years); Associate Professor of Naval Science, UNL (2009); Doctoral Student, UNL, Education Studies—Higher Education Leadership (2009).
Course Description:Leadership and management are the two vital qualities in any effective organization. Little that is worthwhile can be achieved without effective leadership and management. Despite the wide acknowledgment of this fact, much of the leadership (military, private and social sector) is less effective than it could be and some is mediocre or worse. If good leadership were easy, or if leadership were merely common sense, then more people would be good leaders. Leadership and management can be learned “on the job” (and many lasting leadership lessons may be learned that way), but it is inefficient and potentially disastrous to let every budding young leader make the same leadership errors that thousands of others have already made. There is clearly a requirement for future leaders to have a larger understanding of their field of endeavor.This course is intended to provide some scholarly basis for leadership and management studies—both for future military officers and private sector leaders. The course readings target the fact that experts in the many academic disciplines that comprise the fields of leadership and management studies have something to say that leaders can put to use. Each selection has been chosen to provide the reader with both a deeper understanding of the topic and a set of leadership and management tools that can be used in future leadership roles.
Credit Hours: 3
Course Format: Lecture 3
Course Delivery: Classroom
ACE Outcomes: 8


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