NRES 457/857: Soil Chemical Measurements

NRES 457/857
Soil Chemical Measurements Crosslisted as AGRO 457/857, SOIL 457
Prereqs: AGRO/SOIL 153, CHEM 116 or 221 or equivalent or permission.
Permission required to register for 2 cr. Students registered for 3 cr will design, carry out, and report on an independent study project conducted during the term. Offered even-numbered calendar years. Lab 4-6.
Theory and practice of soil chemical analyses commonly encountered in research and industrial settings. Wet analyses of inorganic fraction of soil and operation of instrumentation necessary to quantify results of those analyses.
Credit Hours: 2-3
Max credits per degree: 3
Course Format: Lab 6, Lecture 2
Course Delivery: Classroom


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