SOIL 458: Soil Physical Determinations

SOIL 458
Soil Physical Determinations Crosslisted as AGRO 458/858, NRES 458/858
Prereqs: SOIL/AGRO/GEOL/WATS 361; PHYS 141 or equivalent; MATH 102 or 103.
Capstone course. Lab 3, plus 3 hrs arr. Grad students in NRES/AGRO 458/858 or SOIL 458 are expected to carry out an independent project and give an oral report.
Survey of measurement techniques and principles used in characterizing the physical properties of soils. Includes analysis of experimental design and sources of experimental error. Techniques include: particle size analysis, soil water content, pore size analysis, field sampling techniques, soil strength, and saturated hydraulic conductivity.
Credit Hours: 2
Course Format: Lab 3
Course Delivery: Classroom


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