TEAC 451/851: Learning and Teaching Principles and Practices

Prereqs: Admission to the Teacher Education Program; completion of 80 percent of subject-area course work with a 2.5 GPA or better.
Theoretical issues in the area of teaching and learning as applied to the individual disciplines. I. Secondary Art Prereq: As listed above and TEAC 306 or 406/806. Investigates topics/issues impacting the teaching of art, including the theory and practice of discipline-based art education. Planning and incorporation of innovative approaches embracing the diversity of students. K. Career and Technical Education Prereq: As listed above. Procedures for writing, selecting and organizing subject matter for instruction. L. Methods of Teaching Information Technology (3 cr) Prereq: As listed above and TEAC 259; parallel TEAC 397L or 894L. Objectives, teaching materials, and methods of presentation emphasizing the organization and management of computer science instruction. [IS]N. Secondary Language Arts (3 or 4 cr) Prereq: As listed above, including ENGL 357, 377; and TEAC 438/838; and grade average of "B" (3.0) or better in subject-area. Theoretical issues in the teaching and learning of writing, language, and literature. *O. Marketing Education Prereq: As listed above and TEAC 452K. Objectives, teaching materials, selection, and organization of subject matter, and methods of instruction and evaluation in marketing. [IS]P. Secondary Mathematics Prereq: As listed above. Innovative methodology and planning, teaching, and evaluating math lessons for diverse learners. [IS]R. Secondary Modern Languages Prereq: As listed above. Investigates issues in second language learning and teaching from the perspective of proficiency: contextualized practice in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and culture. Methodological approaches, review of research, testing guidelines, accuracy, the affective and cognitive needs of students, and the incorporation of authentic materials/language. [IS]V. Secondary Science Prereq: As listed above and parallel with TEAC 397I. Investigates issues in secondary science learning and teaching with emphasis on contextualized practice in each field as well as interdisciplinary approaches to planning, research, testing, laboratory safety, and the affective and cognitive needs of diverse learners. [IS]W. Secondary Social Science Prereq: As listed above. Theoretical issues in teaching and learning in the individual and integrated social sciences.
Credit Hours: 3-4
Course Delivery: Classroom


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