TEAC 452/852: Curriculum Principles and Practices

Prereqs: Admission to the Teacher Education Program; completion of 80 percent of subject-area course work with 2.5 GPA or better.
Focus on practical issues in the area of teaching and learning as applied to the individual disciplines. I. Secondary Art Prereq: As listed above and TEAC 306 or 406/806. Theory and research into curriculum incorporating technology, interdisciplinary approaches, active learning, and course content designed to enhance art understanding by students of diversity. J. Business Education Prereq: As listed above and TEAC 451K and parallel with TEAC 397J. Objectives, teaching materials, selection and organization of subject matter, and methods of instruction and evaluation in business subjects. M. Industrial Education Prereq: As listed above and TEAC 451K and parallel TEAC 397M. Objectives, curricula, methodology, evaluation, planning, classroom management and course organization. [IS]N. Secondary Language Arts Prereq: As listed above and parallel with TEAC 397I. Planning, teaching, and evaluating language arts lessons for diverse learners. P. Secondary Mathematics Prereq: As listed above and TEAC 451P/851P with a grade of "C+" or better. Conceptualizing the 7-12 curriculum through multimedia and active, discovery learning. [IS]R. Secondary Modern Languages Prereq: As listed above. Second-language acquisition and learning theory and their relationship to curriculum planning and development. Practice in creative language-use activities designed to build second language reading, writing, speaking, listening, and culture skills. Development of teacher as observer, reflector, and recorder of individual student needs. [IS]V. Secondary Science Prereq: As listed above and TEAC 451V/851V. Curricular materials, including the application of technology, as they relate to classroom instruction with diverse populations. [IS]W. Secondary Social Science Prereq: As listed above. Societal diversity and its impact on the 7-12 social science curriculum, regional and national curricular trends, and emerging theory and research in social studies education.
Credit Hours: 2-3
Course Delivery: Classroom


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