TEAC 480/880: Teaching with Technology

Survey and analysis of the application of technology to improve teaching. Research and related literature on learning, teaching and curriculum, and the critical application of technology and the development of teaching strategies. A. Survey of Instructional Technology (1-3 cr) B. Designing Instructional Technology K-12 (1-3 cr) E. Instructional Technology in Mathematics (1-3 cr) J. Instructional Technology in Language Arts (1-3 cr) K. Instructional Technology in Science (1-3 cr) L. Instructional Technology in Social Sciences (1-3 cr) M. Technology Supported Assessment and Evaluation (1-3 cr) N. Web Teaching (1-3 cr) P. Special Topics (1-3 cr)
Credit Hours: 1-3
Max credits per semester: 15
Course Delivery: Classroom


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