TEAC 894: Professional Practicum Experiences

Prereqs: Admission to Teacher Education Program
TEAC *894 does not count toward the MA or MEd degree. P/N only. Guided observations and/or clinical experiences in schools and/or agencies offering programs for children/youth.A. Elementary (K-6) (1-10 cr)B. Elementary Art (1-10 cr)C. Dual Language (1-10 cr)E. English as a Second Language (1-10 cr)G. Elementary Foreign Language (1-10 cr)I. Secondary Art (1-10 cr)J. Business Education (1-10 cr)L. Information Technology (1-10 cr, max 10)M. Industrial Education (1-10 cr)N. Secondary Language Arts (1-10 cr)O. Marketing Education (1-10 cr)P. Secondary Mathematics (1-10 cr)Q. Middle School (1-10 cr)R. Secondary Modern Language (1-10 cr)T. Reading (1-10 cr)V. Secondary Science (1-10 cr)W. Secondary Social Science (1-10 cr)Y. Mainstreaming (1-10 cr)Z. Multicultural (1-10 cr)
Credit Hours: 1-10
Max credits per degree: 10
Course Format: Field
Course Delivery: Classroom


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