TMFD 498: Internship

TMFD 498
Prereqs: For all options: 2.5 GPA, 79 hrs completed toward the degree; 3.0 GPA in TMFD courses; plus any additional prerequisites that are required for the specific option as follows. For Merchandising option: TMFD 313 and 314. For Textiles Science option: TMFD 405/805 or 406/806. For Textiles, Merchandising and Fashion Design Communications option: TMFD 314 and 407/807 or 408/808 or 410/810. For Textile and Apparel Design option: TMFD 403/803 or 416/816 or 425.
TMFD 498 requires an application for the internship with the TMFD department and with the employer. TMFD 498 is 'Letter Grade only'.
Supervised individual professional experience with a qualified cooperative practicing professional.
Credit Hours: 2-6
Max credits per degree: 6
Course Format: Field
Course Delivery: Classroom


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