Academic Plan Code Map API

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    "AACTS": "Actuarial Science",
    "AAEN": "Agricultural Economics",
    "ABIOC": "Biochemistry",
    "ABSE": "Agricultural & Biological Systems Engineering",
    "ABUS": "Agribusiness",
    "ACCG": "Accounting",
    "ACCT": "Accountancy",
    "ACTS": "Actuarial Science",
    "ADPR": "Advertising and Public Relations",
    "AECN": "Agricultural Economics",
    "AECON": "Economics",
    "AEDU": "Agricultural Education",
    "AENG": "Agricultural Engineering",
    "AENS": "Environmental Studies",
    "AENVR": "Environmental Studies",
    "AERO": "Aerospace Studies",
    "AESC": "Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Communication",
    "AF001": "Mathematics",
    "AF002": "Film Studies",
    "AF003": "Economics",
    "AF004": "English",
    "AF005": "Spanish",
    "AF006": "French",
    "AF007": "German",
    "AF008": "History",
    "AF009": "Philosophy",
    "AF010": "Political Science",
    "AF011": "Psychology",
    "AF012": "Communication Studies",
    "AF014": "Biological Sciences",
    "AF015": "Classics",
    "AF016": "Chemistry",
    "AF017": "Classics and Religious Studies",
    "AF018": "Sociology",
    "AF019": "Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology",
    "AF020": "Anthropology",
    "AF021": "Geography",
    "AF022": "Great Plains Studies Program",
    "AF023": "Women's & Gender Studies",
    "AF024": "Environmental Studies",
    "AF025": "Geology",
    "AF026": "Global Studies",
    "AF027": "Medieval and Renaissance Studies",
    "AF028": "Actuarial Science",
    "AFRI": "African American Studies",
    "AFRS": "African Studies",
    "AGER": "Gerontology",
    "AGRI": "General Agriculture",
    "AGRO": "Agronomy",
    "AHCR": "Art History and Criticism",
    "AHRT": "Advanced Horticulture",
    "AINA": "International Affairs",
    "AJ001": "Mathematics",
    "AJ002": "Film Studies",
    "AJ003": "Economics",
    "AJ004": "English",
    "AJ005": "Spanish",
    "AJ006": "French",
    "AJ007": "German",
    "AJ008": "History",
    "AJ009": "Philosophy",
    "AJ010": "Political Science",
    "AJ011": "Psychology",
    "AJ012": "Communication Studies",
    "AJ014": "Biological Sciences",
    "AJ015": "Classics",
    "AJ016": "Chemistry",
    "AJ017": "Classics and Religious Studies",
    "AJ018": "Sociology",
    "AJ019": "Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology",
    "AJ020": "Anthropology",
    "AJ021": "Geography",
    "AJ022": "Great Plains Studies Program",
    "AJ023": "Women's & Gender Studies",
    "AJ024": "Geology",
    "AJ025": "Ethnic Studies",
    "AJ026": "Global Studies",
    "AJ027": "Computer Science",
    "AJBU": "Business",
    "AJRN": "Agricultural Journalism",
    "AMER": "American Indian Studies",
    "ANTH": "Anthropology",
    "APCS": "Applied Climate Science",
    "APSC": "Applied Science",
    "ARAB": "Arabic",
    "ARCH": "Architecture",
    "ARCO": "Archaeology",
    "ARCS": "Architectural Studies",
    "AREN": "Architectural Engineering",
    "ART": "Art",
    "ART2": "Art K-12",
    "ARTH": "Art History",
    "AS12": "Animal Science",
    "ASCI": "Animal Science",
    "ASDD": "Autism Spectrum Disorders and Severe Disabilities",
    "ASIA": "Asian Studies",
    "ASTA": "Statistics",
    "ATHT": "Athletic Training",
    "AUHS": "Audiology and Hearing Science",
    "BABUS": "Agribusiness",
    "BECO": "Economics",
    "BEEF": "Beef Scholars",
    "BENG": "Biological Engineering",
    "BIOC": "Biochemistry",
    "BIOE": "Biomedical Engineering",
    "BIOL": "Biology",
    "BIOS": "Biological Sciences",
    "BLNK": "Business Administration",
    "BLST": "Black Studies",
    "BMIT": "Business, Marketing and Information Technology",
    "BMKD": "Textiles, Merchandising and Fashion Design",
    "BMKM": "Textiles, Merchandising and Fashion Design",
    "BOTY": "Botany",
    "BRDC": "Broadcasting",
    "BSAD": "Business Administration",
    "BSAN": "Business Analytics",
    "BSE": "Biological Systems Engineering",
    "BSED": "Business Education",
    "BSPC": "Behavior Specialist",
    "BUSN": "Business",
    "CACT": "Actuarial Science",
    "CBBI": "Computational Biology & Bioinformatics",
    "CCLD": "Community College Leadership",
    "CCRS": "Conflict & Conflict Resolution Studies",
    "CEMT": "Construction Engineering and Management",
    "CENG": "Computer Engineering",
    "CERT": "Certificate",
    "CHBE": "Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering",
    "CHEM": "Chemistry",
    "CHME": "Chemical Engineering",
    "CIVE": "Civil Engineering",
    "CJ01": "History",
    "CJ02": "Political Science",
    "CJ03": "Psychology",
    "CJ04": "Russian",
    "CJ05": "Sociology",
    "CJ06": "English",
    "CJ07": "Gerontology",
    "CJ08": "Philosophy",
    "CJ09": "Spanish",
    "CJ10": "Speech Communication",
    "CJ11": "Child, Youth and Family Studies",
    "CLAS": "Classics",
    "CLNG": "Classical Languages",
    "CLRS": "Classics and Religious Studies",
    "CMTN": "Communications",
    "CNST": "Construction Management",
    "COAC": "Coaching",
    "COEA": "Cooperative Education",
    "COMM": "Communication Studies",
    "COMP": "Computer Science",
    "CONE": "Pre-Construction Engineering",
    "CONS": "Construction",
    "CRCJ": "Criminology & Criminal Justice",
    "CRIM": "Criminal Justice",
    "CRPL": "Community and Regional Planning",
    "CSTD": "Continuing Studies",
    "CULS": "Nutrition & Health Sciences (Culinology Option)",
    "CYAF": "Child, Youth and Family Studies",
    "CYCD": "Child, Youth and Family Studies",
    "CYCE": "Child, Youth & Family Studies",
    "CYEC": "Child, Youth and Family Studies",
    "CYFA": "Child, Youth and Family Studies",
    "CYFC": "Child, Youth and Family Studies",
    "CYFJ": "Child, Youth and Family Studies",
    "CYMI": "Child, Youth and Family Studies",
    "CZCH": "Czech",
    "DANC": "Dance",
    "DENT": "Dentistry",
    "DIET": "Nutrition and Health Sciences (Nutrition and Dietetics Option)",
    "DIGH": "Digital Humanities",
    "DPHP": "Plant Health",
    "DRAM": "Speech, Drama and English",
    "DVOC": "Cooperative Education",
    "EAE1": "Agribusiness Entrepreneurship",
    "EAE2": "Agribusiness Entrepreneurship",
    "ECED": "Elementary Educ and Early Childhood Education",
    "ECON": "Economics",
    "ECSE": "Early Childhood Special Education",
    "ECZE": "Czech",
    "EDAD": "Educational Administration",
    "EDAS": "Educational Administration and Supervision",
    "EDJT": "Educational Administration (UNL-UNO)",
    "EDPS": "Educational Psychology",
    "EDUC": "Education",
    "EDUS": "Educational Studies",
    "EENGL": "English",
    "EFRE": "French",
    "EFREN": "French",
    "EGBS": "General Business",
    "EGER": "German",
    "EGERM": "German",
    "EINT": "Interdisciplinary Studies",
    "EJBU": "Business",
    "EJPN": "Japanese",
    "EJRN": "Journalism Grades 7-12",
    "ELAT": "English Language Arts",
    "ELATN": "Latin",
    "ELEC": "Electrical Engineering",
    "ELED": "Elementary Education",
    "ELFR": "Elementary Education and French K-6",
    "ELGR": "Elementary Education and German K-6",
    "ELIT": "Early Literacy",
    "ELPE": "Elementary Education-Physical Education K-6",
    "ELSN": "Elementary Education and Spanish K-6",
    "EMAT": "Mathematics",
    "EMATH": "Mathematics",
    "EMGT": "Engineering Management",
    "ENED": "Environmental Education",
    "ENGL": "English",
    "ENGM": "Engineering Mechanics",
    "ENGR": "Engineering",
    "ENRS": "Environmental Restoration Science",
    "ENSC": "Energy Science",
    "ENTO": "Entomology",
    "ENVE": "Environmental Engineering",
    "ENVR": "Environmental Studies",
    "EPHYS": "Physics",
    "EPPT": "Pre-Physical Therapy",
    "ERSS": "Earth and Space Science 7-12",
    "ERUS": "Russian",
    "ERUSS": "Russian",
    "ESPA": "Spanish",
    "ESPAN": "Spanish",
    "ESPC": "Speech Grades 7-12",
    "ETHN": "Ethnic Studies",
    "ETHR": "Theatre Grades 7-12",
    "EURO": "European Studies",
    "EXCG": "Exchange Student",
    "EXPS": "General - CASNR",
    "FA001": "Art",
    "FA002": "Art History and Criticism",
    "FA003": "Music",
    "FA004": "Theatre",
    "FA005": "Theatre",
    "FA006": "Dance",
    "FA007": "Theatre",
    "FA008": "Theatre",
    "FACS": "Family and Consumer Sciences",
    "FD12": "Food Science and Technology",
    "FDSD": "Food Safety and Defense",
    "FDST": "Food Science and Technology",
    "FEWS": "Food, Energy and Water in Society",
    "FFPL": "Family Financial Planning",
    "FHOC": "Financial and Housing Counseling",
    "FILM": "Film Studies",
    "FINA": "Finance",
    "FINB": "Finance (Banking & Financial Institutions)",
    "FINC": "Finance (Banking & Risk Management)",
    "FINI": "Finance (CFA-Investments)",
    "FINR": "Finance (Risk Management &Insurance)",
    "FINT": "Interdisciplinary Studies",
    "FNPM": "Floriculture and Nursery Production Management",
    "FORS": "Forensic Science",
    "FREN": "French",
    "FRFL": "French 7-12 and French K-6",
    "FTCA": "Food Technology for Companion Animals",
    "FUSTD": "University Studies",
    "FWL": "Fisheries and Wildlife",
    "GECM": "Grassland Ecology and Management",
    "GEOG": "Geography",
    "GEOL": "Geology",
    "GEOS": "Earth and Atmospheric Sciences",
    "GERM": "German",
    "GERO": "Gerontology",
    "GISC": "Geographic Information Science",
    "GLST": "Global Studies",
    "GPSP": "Great Plains Studies Program",
    "GREK": "Greek",
    "GRFL": "German 7-12 and German K-6",
    "GRLS": "Grazing Livestock Systems",
    "GRSM": "Grassland Management",
    "GSST": "Global Security Studies",
    "GVST": "Graduate Visiting Consortium",
    "GVSTG": "Visiting",
    "HIN2": "International Studies",
    "HINS": "International Studies",
    "HIST": "History",
    "HLTH": "Health Education",
    "HMED": "Humanities in Medicine",
    "HMKT": "Marketing",
    "HORT": "Horticulture",
    "HPED": "Health and Physical Education K-12",
    "HRHD": "Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs",
    "HRTA": "Hospitality, Restaurant and Tourism Management",
    "HRTM": "Hospitality, Restaurant and Tourism Management",
    "HTED": "Horticulture Education (7-12)",
    "HUMS": "Human Sciences",
    "IANR": "International Agriculture and Natural Resources",
    "IBED": "Insect Biology for Educators",
    "IBMS": "Integrative Biomedical Sciences",
    "IBUS": "International Business",
    "IDES": "Interior Design",
    "IE12": "International Engineering",
    "IENG": "International Engineering",
    "IMSE": "Industrial & Management Systems Engineering",
    "INDE": "Industrial Engineering",
    "INEG": "",
    "INFM": "Informatics",
    "INFT": "Information Technology",
    "INLS": "Interdisciplinary Life Sciences",
    "INSC": "Insect Science",
    "INTA": "International Affairs",
    "INTT": "Credit IEP Program",
    "IPST": "Individualized Program of Studies",
    "ISDD": "Intellectual, Sensory and Developmental Disabilities",
    "ITAL": "Italian",
    "ITSC": "Integrated Science",
    "JAMC": "Journalism and Mass Communications",
    "JAPN": "Japanese",
    "JEAC": "Accounting",
    "JEAS": "Actuarial Science",
    "JEBA": "Business Administration",
    "JECS": "Computer Science",
    "JEEC": "Economics",
    "JEFC": "Finance (Banking & Risk Management)",
    "JEFI": "Finance (CFA-Investments)",
    "JEFN": "Finance",
    "JEIB": "International Business",
    "JEME": "Management (Entrepreneurship & Innovation)",
    "JEMH": "Management (Human Resource Management)",
    "JEMK": "Marketing",
    "JEML": "Management (Leadership in Organizations)",
    "JEMN": "Management",
    "JESC": "Supply Chain Management",
    "JOUR": "Journalism",
    "JWST": "Jewish Studies",
    "K3MS": "K-3 Mathematics Specialist",
    "KG": "Intercampus - Kearney Graduate",
    "KUG": "Intercampus - Kearney Undergraduate",
    "LAMS": "Latin American Studies",
    "LAND": "Landscape Architecture",
    "LARS": "Landscape Architectural Studies",
    "LATN": "Latin",
    "LATS": "US Latina\/Latino Studies",
    "LAW": "Law (Non-Degree)",
    "LE12": "Leadership and Communication",
    "LEAD": "Leadership and Communication",
    "LEED": "Leadership Education",
    "LENT": "Leadership and Entrepreneurship",
    "LGLS": "Legal Studies",
    "LNGC": "",
    "LOGS": "Logistics",
    "MATH": "Mathematics",
    "MBIO": "Microbiology",
    "MCG": "Intercampus - Med Center Graduate",
    "MCUG": "Intercampus - Med Center Undergraduate",
    "MEAM": "Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics",
    "MECH": "Mechanical Engineering",
    "MED": "Medicine",
    "METR": "Meteorology-Climatology",
    "MFTH": "Medical\/Family Therapy",
    "MINS": "Music Instrumental",
    "MLLD": "Military Leadership",
    "MLSC": "Military Science",
    "MMRS": "Mixed Methods Research",
    "MNEI": "Management (Entrepreneurship & Innovation)",
    "MNGT": "Management",
    "MNHR": "Management (Human Resource Management)",
    "MNLO": "Management (Leadership in Organizations)",
    "MODL": "Modern Languages and Literatures",
    "MRKT": "Marketing",
    "MRST": "Medieval and Renaissance Studies",
    "MS12": "Mechanized Systems Management",
    "MSYM": "Mechanized Systems Management",
    "MUED": "Music Education",
    "MUSC": "Music",
    "MUSE": "Music Entrepreneurship",
    "MUST": "Music Technology",
    "MUTM": "Musical Theatre",
    "MUTT": "Musical Theatre",
    "NAEC": "Natural Resource Economics",
    "NAST": "Native American Studies",
    "NEHS": "Nutrition and Health Sciences (Nutrition, Exercise & Health Science Option)",
    "NREE": "Natural Resource and Environmental Economics",
    "NRSC": "Natural Resource Sciences",
    "NSST": "National Security Studies",
    "NTRN": "Nutrition",
    "NTRS": "Nutrition and Health Sciences (Nutrition Science Option)",
    "NTSC": "Natural Science",
    "NUHS": "Nutrition and Health Sciences",
    "NUTR": "Nutritional and Health Sciences",
    "OG": "Intercampus - Omaha Graduate",
    "ORLT": "Ornamentals, Landscape and Turf",
    "OUG": "Intercampus - Omaha Undergraduate",
    "P001": "Pre Art K-12",
    "P002": "Pre Biology",
    "P004": "Pre Chemistry",
    "P005": "Pre Coaching (Endorsement)",
    "P006": "Pre Information Technology (Endorsement)",
    "P007": "Pre Earth Science",
    "P009": "Pre Elementary Education",
    "P011": "Pre Elementary Educ & Early Childhood Educ",
    "P012": "Pre Elementary Education & French K-6",
    "P013": "Pre Elementary Education & German K-6",
    "P014": "Pre Elementary Education & Spanish K-6",
    "P015": "Pre Elementary Education-PE K-6",
    "P016": "Pre English",
    "P017": "Pre French",
    "P018": "Pre French 7-12 & French K-6",
    "P020": "Pre German",
    "P021": "Pre German 7-12 & German K-6",
    "P022": "Pre Health Education",
    "P023": "Pre Health Education & PE K-12",
    "P025": "Pre History",
    "P028": "Pre Latin",
    "P029": "Pre Marketing Education & Basic Business",
    "P030": "Pre Mathematics",
    "P031": "Pre Middle Grades Education",
    "P032": "Pre Natural Science",
    "P033": "Pre Physical Education 7-12",
    "P034": "Pre Physical Educ K-6 & 7-12",
    "P036": "Pre Physics",
    "P039": "Pre ESL",
    "P040": "Pre Russian",
    "P041": "Pre Social Science",
    "P042": "Pre Spanish",
    "P043": "Pre Spanish 7-12 & Spanish K-6",
    "P045": "Pre Speech, Drama & English",
    "P046": "Pre Speech-Language Pathology",
    "P050": "Pre Inclusive Early Childhood Education",
    "P054": "Pre Cooperative Education",
    "P056": "Pre Family & Consumer Science Educ",
    "P058": "Pre Mild\/Moderate & Hard of Hearing",
    "P061": "Pre Business, Marketing & Information Technology",
    "P062": "Pre Science 7-12",
    "P063": "Pre Earth & Space Science 7-12",
    "P064": "Pre Elementary Education & Special Education (K-6)",
    "P065": "Pre Special Education (7-12)",
    "P066": "Pre English Language Arts",
    "P067": "Pre Secondary English 7-12",
    "P068": "Pre Journalism Grades 7-12",
    "P069": "Pre Speech Grades 7-12",
    "P070": "Pre Theatre Grades 7-12",
    "PACC": "Pre-Accounting",
    "PAEV": "Policy Analysis and Evaluation",
    "PARC": "Pre-Architecture",
    "PARE": "Pre-Architectural Engineering",
    "PAVN": "Pre-Aviation Studies",
    "PBAC": "Post-Baccalaureate",
    "PBIO": "Plant Biology",
    "PCCJ": "Pre Criminology & Criminal Justice",
    "PCHR": "Pre-Chiropractic",
    "PCYT": "Pre-Cytotechnology",
    "PDAN": "Pre-Dance",
    "PDHY": "Pre-Dental Hygiene",
    "PDNT": "Pre-Dentistry",
    "PE1": "Physical Education K-6 and 7-12",
    "PE2": "Physical Education 7-12",
    "PEDU": "Pre-Education",
    "PEEL": "Pre-Electronics Engineering",
    "PENG": "Pre-Engineering",
    "PFOR": "Pre-Forestry",
    "PGAM": "PGA Golf Management",
    "PHAO": "Physics(Astronomy Option)",
    "PHIL": "Philosophy",
    "PHLT": "Pre-Health",
    "PHRM": "Pharmacy",
    "PHSC": "Physical Science",
    "PHYA": "Physics and Astronomy",
    "PHYS": "Physics",
    "PINT": "Pre-Interior Design",
    "PLAR": "Pre-Landscape Architecture",
    "PLAW": "Pre-Law",
    "PMED": "Pre-Medicine",
    "PMSC": "Pre-Mortuary Science",
    "PMT": "Pre-Clinical Laboratory Science",
    "PMUE": "Pre-Music Education",
    "PMUS": "Pre-Music",
    "PNMT": "Pre-Nuclear Medical Technology",
    "PNRS": "Pre-Nursing",
    "POCT": "Pre-Occupational Therapy",
    "POLS": "Political Science",
    "POPT": "Pre-Optometry",
    "PORT": "Portuguese",
    "PPA": "Pre-Physician's Assistant",
    "PPHM": "Pre-Pharmacy",
    "PPSC": "Pre-Clinical Perfusion Science",
    "PPT": "Pre-Physical Therapy",
    "PRDA": "Product Design",
    "PRDF": "Product Design",
    "PRT": "Pre-Radiation Science Technology",
    "PSYC": "Psychology",
    "PSYE": "Psychological Studies in Education",
    "PTHE": "Pre-Theatre",
    "PVET": "Pre-Veterinary Medicine",
    "QLTS": "Quilt Studies",
    "QQPM": "Quantitative, Qualitative and Psychometric Methods",
    "RELG": "Religious Studies",
    "RINR": "Response to Intervention: Reading",
    "ROBE": "Robotics Engineering",
    "RUSS": "Russian",
    "SCIE": "Science 7-12",
    "SCMS": "Supply Chain Management",
    "SCTL": "Space, Cyber and Telecommunications Law",
    "SDIS": "Sensory Disabilities",
    "SECD": "Special Education & Communication Disorders",
    "SENG": "Secondary English Grades 7-12",
    "SLAW": "Space Law",
    "SLPA": "Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology",
    "SOCI": "Sociology",
    "SOCW": "Social Work",
    "SPAN": "Spanish",
    "SPED": "Special Education",
    "SPEN": "Speech and English",
    "SPFL": "Spanish 7-12 and Spanish K-6",
    "SPLP": "Speech-Language Pathologist",
    "SPM3": "Elementary Ed & Spcl Ed-Mild\/Mod Disabilities K-9",
    "SPM5": "Special Education-Mild\/Moderate Disabilities K-9",
    "SPM7": "Elementary Education and Special Education (K-6)",
    "SPM8": "Special Education (7-12)",
    "SRAM": "Survey Research and Methodology",
    "SSCI": "Social Science",
    "STAT": "Statistics",
    "STED": "College STEM Education",
    "SURM": "Survey Research and Methodology",
    "SWDV": "Software Development",
    "SXST": "Sexuality Studies",
    "TCOM": "Textiles, Merchandising and Fashion Design (Communications)",
    "TDES": "Textiles, Merchandising and Fashion Design (Textile and Apparel Design)",
    "TDMT": "Theatre",
    "TEAC": "Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education",
    "TED": "Technical Education",
    "TELE": "Telecommunications Engineering",
    "TESO": "Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages",
    "TFNM": "Theatre",
    "THEA": "Theatre Arts",
    "TLMT": "Turfgrass and Landscape Management",
    "TMER": "Textiles, Merchandising and Fashion Design (Merchandising)",
    "TMFD": "Textiles, Merchandising and Fashion Design",
    "TOPS": "Transdisciplinary Childhood Obesity Prevention",
    "TPER": "Theatre",
    "TPRO": "Theatre",
    "TSCI": "Textiles, Merchandising and Fashion Design (Textile Science)",
    "TTDE": "Theatre",
    "TUG": "Intercampus - NCTA Undergraduate",
    "TWRT": "Teaching of Writing",
    "TXCD": "Textiles, Clothing and Design",
    "UNDL": "Undeclared - Undergraduate",
    "USLS": "U S Legal Studies",
    "UVST": "UG Visiting Consortium",
    "VBMS": "Veterinary Science",
    "VETH": "Veterinary Technology",
    "VETS": "Veterinary Science",
    "VMED": "Veterinary Medicine",
    "VOCS": "Vocational Special Needs",
    "VSTG": "Visiting",
    "WATR": "Water Science",
    "WGST": "Women's & Gender Studies",
    "WRPM": "Water Resources Planning and Management",
    "YTHD": "Youth Development"


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