Engineering Agricultural Engineering

Majors in Agricultural Engineering will be able to:

  1. Apply knowledge of mathematics, physical sciences, and the engineering sciences.
  2. Apply knowledge of agriculture, natural resources, and agricultural engineering.
  3. Design and conduct experiments, utilize probability and statistics, as well as to analyze and interpret data.
  4. Design a system, component, or process to meet desired needs.
  5. Function on teams, including multi-disciplinary teams.
  6. Identify, formulate, and solve engineering problems.
  7. Understand professional and ethical responsibility.
  8. Communicate effectively.
  9. Understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global and societal context.
  10. Recognize the need for, and an ability to engage in, life-long learning.
  11. Have knowledge of contemporary issues.
  12. Use the techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice.


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