Architecture Architecture

Majors in Architecture will be able to:

  1. Apply design-specific modes of thought and methods of inquiry.
  2. Communicate and think diagrammatically through sketches, geometry, and models.
  3. Resolve individual creativity with the needs of clients and society.
  4. Integrate knowledge from different perspectives and disciplines into the design process.
  5. Consider the larger ethical, moral, and environmental implications of individual design actions.
  6. Comprehend the effectual and technical aspects of architectural design.
  7. Resolve multiple and often conflicting project variables into an integrated design.
  8. Re-assess old prototypes and generate innovative architectural designs.
  9. Engage in the production of new architectural knowledge and design research.
  10. Raise clear and precise questions and design statements relevant to future practice.
  11. Practice effectively as interns and continue towards professional M.Arch degree and licensure.


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