Education & Human Sciences Chemistry Education (7-12)

Majors in Chemistry Education (7-12) will be able to:

  1. Make science content accessible to grades 7-12 students, thus demonstrating their subject matter knowledge of major scientific concepts, principles, theories, laws, and their interrelationships.
  2. Create, implement, and assess inquiry-based curriculum opportunities in which grades 7- 12 students use scientific practices (e.g., collect and interpret data) in order to develop and communicate concepts, understand scientific processes, relationships and natural patterns from empirical experiences.
  3. Construct curriculum that is consistent with the goals and recommendations of state and/or national science education standards that includes the nature of science, inquiry, the social context of science.
  4. Collect, organize, analyze, and reflect upon diagnostic, formative, and summative evidence of learning; develop and use effective assessment strategies that are fair and equitable to measure student learning.
  5. Create and maintain a safe, respectful and productive learning environment that reflects a scientific classroom discourse community.
  6. Use a variety of inquiry approaches with appropriate use of technology that enhances learning.
  7. Deliver cognitively challenging and appropriate instruction that respects diverse students’ needs (e.g., ELLs, student with special needs).


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