Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources Food Technology for Companion Animals

Majors in Food Technology for Companion Animals will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate ability to apply chemical, microbiological, and engineering principles to the processing and preservation of safe, nutritious and appealing companion animal food products.
  2. Effectively communicate scientific, technical and other information, both orally and in writing, to supervisors, colleagues, subordinates and consumers.
  3. Understand the role of government regulatory agencies, and other groups responsible for making and enforcing rules, regulations, and guidelines related to companion animal food composition, processing and safety.
  4. Access and use technical and human resources, such as the World Wide Web, library systems, and consultants.
  5. Represent their chosen field in a scientific and professional manner, and participate in professional societies.
  6. Recognize ethical responsibilities regarding scientific and professional conduct, as well as to the consumer to produce safe and nutritious companion animal food products
  7. Develop analytical and creative thinking skills necessary to approach scientific and other issues, problems, and situations.
  8. Demonstrate ability to work effectively in a team or group.

Majors in New Concentration will be able to:


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