Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources Grassland Ecology & Management

Majors in Grassland Ecology & Management will be able to:

  1. Assess rangeland health, use ecological site descriptions, determine carrying capacity, use GPS and GIS, conduct rangeland surveys, analyze quantitative field data, and interpret results of data analysis.
  2. Use the principles of rangeland ecology to analyze and interpret the interactions of the plant, animal, environmental, and economic aspects of rangeland ecosystems.
  3. Integrate conservation strategies that ensure sustained productivity and resilience of rangelands with livestock production and other rangeland-based enterprises.
  4. Develop a comprehensive management plan for a unit of private or public rangeland, including economic analysis. Use decision support tools and technologies to develop and analyze management systems/strategies.
  5. Critically analyze management systems, integrate a wide range of interrelated inputs and disciplines into a single process or system, and make decisions based on properly-collected information and sound reasoning and communicate them effectively to peers and stakeholders.


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