Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources Horticulture

Majors in Horticulture will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge and credentials necessary to seek employment in the fruit, vegetable, greenhouse, floral, nursery and landscape industries.
  2. Have had hands-on experience in the identification, propagation and commercial production of horticultural crops (production, science and entrepreneurship options).
  3. Have created (on paper) a start-up business plan for a small horticultural business (entrepreneurship and production options).
  4. Visually organize, compose and effectively communicate the design process and design solutions in two- and three-dimensional graphic products and written information (landscape design-build option).
  5. Demonstrate the ability to thoroughly assess a landscape site’s microclimate, soil, topography, plants and users then effectively apply that information to design development and problem-solving (landscape design-build option).
  6. Effectively synthesize landscape design knowledge, the design process, and technical/communication skills to produce, implement, manage and evaluate creative sustainable design in developed landscapes (landscape design-build option).
  7. Critically assess his or her design strengths and weaknesses (landscape design-build option).


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