Graduate Studies

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Graduate Studies

Admission of UNL Seniors

Seniors at UNL needing not more than 9 undergraduate credit hours to complete the bachelors degree and wishing to register for graduate credit may be granted admission to a Graduate College degree program on a provisional basis subject to receiving their baccalaureates within one calendar year. They must file an application for admission to Graduate Studies and, if admitted, their registration may count as residence in the Graduate College.

Graduate Courses Taken by UNL Seniors

UNL seniors who have obtained in advance the approval of the Dean of Graduate Studies may enroll in up to 12 hours credit for graduate courses taken in addition to the courses necessary to complete their undergraduate work, provided that such credits are earned within the calendar year prior to receipt of the baccalaureate.

Course work taken prior to receipt of the baccalaureate may not always be accepted for transfer to other institutions as graduate work.

Seniors in the University Honors Program are encouraged to consider taking 400/800-level courses at the 800 level with the concurrence of their advisor and permission of the instructor and Dean of Graduate Studies.

Please contact the Office of Graduate Studies, 1100 Seaton Hall, prior to registering for graduate course work. Completion of a Hold for Graduate Credit Form is required.


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